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Permanent Care

An aged care facility offers a wonderful, supportive home to provide help with everyday needs.  While assisting you to remain as independent as you would like, we provide support with personal care, medical care, meals, laundry and cleaning – so you can focus on enjoying life and spending time with family and friends.  A Registered Nurse is always available, and our friendly care staff are there to assist in every way in your day to day life.

Carers deserves a break too

Respite Care

Respite is short-term care in an aged care facility. Like permanent residents, respite residents receive full time care and participate in daily activities within the facility, including all meals and social programs. Two weeks is usually an optimal length of time to experience all that aged care living has to offer. Respite care can provide many benefits, including:

  • a break for carers
  • transition between hospital and returning home
  • community and socialisation for those usually isolated at home
  • a trial of residential aged care before making a permanent transition, including opportunities to connect with others who are already living in the facility

Providing Care and Comfort

Residential Aged Care

Located in Dandenong North, Outlook Gardens Aged Care is a 95 bed aged care facility that provides ageing in place for residents requiring low care, high care and palliative care. The facility offers both respite (short term) and permanent (long term) care, including a comprehensive activities program, fresh meals prepared daily onsite, laundry services, physiotherapy and visiting GP services. All rooms are self-contained, single rooms with ensuites. Residents are encouraged to personalise their room with their own furniture, linen, décor, photos and other treasured items. There are a variety of informal lounge rooms, courtyards and outdoor garden areas available for relaxation or family gatherings.

Outlook Gardens Aged Care Gallery

Overview of costs/fee structure

Residential Aged Care costs have several components, as outlined below.  You will be asked to provide information about your financial situation to help determine which parts apply to you.

This covers all of your living costs, including laundry, general onsite activities, meals and daily care.  This rate is set by the government at 85% of the aged care pension, and adjusted twice yearly in line with pension changes.  For some residents (including respite residents), this may be the only fee that applies.

Depending on your income and assets, the government may require some residents to make additional contributions towards daily care costs.  This is a government fee, and Centrelink undertakes a financial assessment to determine whether the means-tested fee applies to you.  These fees are forwarded to the government on your behalf.

This includes the cost of your room (all rooms are subject to the same accommodation payment, so if you need to transfer rooms for any reason, there will be no additional fees due).  Depending on your income and assets, the government may pay part or all of this on your behalf.  If required, there are several options for making this payment:

  • Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) – you pay a lump sum payment for the full room price. This amount is guaranteed by the Federal Government, and is refunded in full when you leave.

  • Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) – rather than pay the lump sum amount, you pay a daily interest equivalent amount. This is added to your fortnightly fee invoice.

  • Combination of DAP and RAD – you can pay any part of the RAD lump sum, and pay a DAP on the remaining balance.

Entering Aged Care

We know that entering aged care can be a big decision, and there are many factors to consider. Our friendly staff can help you navigate your transition, from first enquiry through to settling into your new home. The My Aged Care website outlines how to access government-subsidised aged care, including arranging your initial aged care assessment:

Go to My Aged Care Website

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